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May 25, 2012

I usually post my blogs on the first day of the month, but I thought it might be appropriate to post my June blog a few days early in recognition of Memorial Day in the United States. Although May 28, 2012, is an American holiday, there is no reason why this day of remembrance can’t be the catalyst for citizens of all countries that stand for freedom to remember their fallen heroes. Freedom wouldn’t exist without young men and women who willingly make the  ultimate personal sacrifice to acquire, sustain, and grow freedom.

I encourage each of you to take a moment to think about the sacrifices made by so many, to do something to thank a member of the armed forces of your country for all they do for the rest of us, and to thank a former member of the armed forces for their contribution to the preservation of freedom. A simple “Thank you for your service” will make someone’s day.

The tribute in the link below is specifically directed at U.S. Marines. I’ve included it because it is so poignant, not because it is directed at Marines. Please watch this brief video and accept it as a metaphor for the sacrifices of all the men and women of all the military services that have fought and sacrificed for the cause of freedom.



Joseph Badal is the author of thrillers, including  The Pythagorean Solution, Terror CellThe Nostradamus Secret and Evil Deeds.  His next novel, Shell Game, will be released in June 2012.


SHELL GAME by Joseph Badal

Coming June 2012


Joe lives in New Mexico, is married, and is the father of two sons.

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