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Everyday Heroes: NERVES OF STEEL

May 1, 2013

It’s just an everyday mission for a bunch of Everyday Heroes. Men and women from everyday towns and everyday families all across America. And all they do is risk their lives on behalf of their country and of their fellow citizens.

These two videos make you realize just how brave these people really are. I guarantee you will hold your breath more than once. The crew already on deck is in a complete state of attention but feeling helpless at the same time.

I decided to write about Naval Aviators and the crews that support them because they truly represent the best of us. They are skilled, intelligent, courageous, and selfless. They take on risks that would make the vast majority of us freeze with terror. And that’s before they go into combat.

Make sure to watch both videos, and have your sound on. The action is as good as any in the best Hollywood film, but the difference here is that this action is real, about life and death. And remember that these men and women are away from their homes and families, doing the amazing to protect each and every one of us from the bad guys who seem to be proliferating like rats in a sewer.

Thank God for the families and towns, schools and churches, and the country nurturing men and women like those on these videos.


Joseph Badal is the author of six thrillers: The Pythagorean Solution, Evil Deeds, Terror Cell, The Nostradamus Secret, Shell Game and his next thriller, The Lone Wolf Agenda, to be released May 25, 2013, in print and ebook formats.


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