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Everyday Heroes: TOM AVITABILE

August 1, 2013

Followers of my Everyday Heroes Blog know that I write about feats of bravery and self-sacrifice, examples of service to mankind, or some incredible feat that sets an example for  all of us. My subjects may be present or former members of the military, private citizens,  organizations, or even animals (a dog in one instance and a bear in another).

This month, I want to recognize author Tom Avitabile. Tom is a burly, gregarious New Yorker  who has never met a stranger and who makes everyone he meets feel welcome. His smile is contagious and his quick wit will keep you in stitches. He has penned several novels about  heroes, including The Eighth Day, The Hammer of God, and The God Particle (due out this year).

I picked Tom to write about this month not because he writes about heroes but because he is one. He is my hero this month because of what he does to recognize men and women who  have sacrificed for the United States, many of whom have paid the ultimate sacrifice.

Tom takes to the polls with him on election day the name of some serviceman or woman who has served their country. Before he casts his vote, he speaks the veteran’s or currently serving  man or woman’s name and thanks him/her for their service, for fighting to preserve his right to  vote.

Everything we can do to thank and recognize our military members—past and present—is a good thing. What Tom does is something each of us can and should do. Please meet  Tom by clicking on this sentence. You might even send him an email and thank him personally, at

Way to go, Tom! You’re a REAL Everyday Hero.

Joseph Badal
Joseph Badal is the author of Shell Game, a financial thriller, and five espionage/military thrillers, including The Lone Wolf Agenda, which was released in print and ebook formats on June 25, 2013.


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