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Everyday Heroes: DALE BEATTY

December 1, 2013

Never leave a comrade behind is one of the principles that guide all American military men and women. But U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Dale Beatty asked why veterans who return from combat are often forgotten about once they return home. To Beatty,  abandoning veterans here at home is a way of leaving our heroes behind.

Beatty was deployed to Iraq in 2004 in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. There, his unit was attached directly to the 1st Infantry Division near Bayji, Iraq. On November 15, 2004, while on a patrol route littered with highly active insurgent operations, the vehicle Dale was riding in was ripped apart by anti-tank mines. The explosion was so severe that it left him a double amputee below the knees.

Thanks to support from the Iredell Homes Builders Association and many members from the Statesville, N.C. community and surrounding areas, a specially adapted barrier-free home was built for Dale and his family. He served as the general contractor as the home was being constructed.

Now he’s paying that support forward. In 2008, Dale pooled his military disability payments with his friend John Gallina, who he served with in the National Guard and who was also injured in combat. Together, they started Purple Heart Homes, a nonprofit that so far has modified or helped provide homes for 30 disabled veterans in several East Coast states.

To aid those who have fared worse, Beatty founded Purple Heart Homes, Inc., an entirely veteran-operated organization that modifies homes to accommodate newly disabled vets. Purple Heart Homes is a nonprofit company that focuses on helping veterans transition smoothly to a new home or an accessible home regardless of what injuries they sustained.

SSG Beatty and his founding partner John Gallina, also a Purple Heart veteran, say the reason their organization works so well is that they involve the veterans’ communities in the construction work, an action that fosters a welcome atmosphere for retired soldiers readjusting to stateside life.

Dale has been nominated as a 2013 CNN Hero of the Year. Dale Beatty not only proved himself to be a hero on the battlefield, but he has also proved to be an Everyday Hero, one who gives back to those in need. Beatty is making a huge difference in the lives of men and women who served and in the lives of their families.

See Dale Beatty at this video:

Everyday Heroes is a monthly blog written by Joseph Badal, the author of six thrillers. His seventh thriller, “Ultimate Betrayal,” will be released in Spring 2014.


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  1. harry smeck permalink
    December 4, 2013 10:01 pm

    What a great pick! and what a marvelous concept. Good choice.


    On Wed, Dec 4, 2013 at 11:55 PM, Joseph Badal

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