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July 28, 2014

Joseph Badal worked for 38 years in the financial services industry, retiring in 2007 after 6 years as a director and senior executive of a New York Stock Exchange-listed company.

Before he began his finance career, Joe was a decorated Army officer for 6 years, with tours of duty in Vietnam and Greece.

He also served in the New Mexico House of Representatives.

In addition to his award-winning seven suspense novels, he has written short stories which were published in the Uncommon Assassins anthology and the Someone Wicked anthology. He is a member of International Thriller Writes and Southwest Writers Workshop, and was recently named “One of the 50 Best Authors You Should be Reading.”


I am pleased to participate in this blog hop tour that includes many fine authors. These tours are a fascinating avenue for spreading the word about what we authors are doing and about who we are. I want to thank Patricia Wood, author of THE EASTER EGG MURDER, for inviting me to participate here (

My answers to the following questions should assist you to get to know my work and me better:

1)    What am I working on?

I am multi-tasking at the moment. My first mystery, BORDERLINE, is in the hands of my agent. I just finished a re-write and update of my first novel, THE PYTHAGOREAN SOLUTION, and expect it to be released in the next month or so. And I am presently writing DEATH SHIP, the 5th book in my Danforth Saga, a series about the adventures of a family that, so far, spans forty-four years. The Danforth Saga, as with all of my novels, features everyday people who, when confronted by severe obstacles, perform in an extraordinary manner. The books focus, at their foundation level, on the triumph of good over evil. The research for this book will include a trip to Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, and Sicily this year.

2)    How does my work differ from others of its genre?

My thrillers, as with most thrillers with an international espionage and/or military bent, tend to be full of action and suspense. But many stories in this genre often feature protagonists who leap tall buildings in a single bound. My characters—good and bad guys—are real life personalities with real life skills and capabilities. They are not superhuman creatures who dodge bullets, overwhelm zombie hordes, or are unemotional ciphers.

3)    Why do I write what I do?

I write about ordinary people who do extraordinary things because I want my readers to relate to my characters. I want my readers to be able to put themselves in the places of my characters and wonder how they would react to obstacles thrown in their paths. This has been the case with all seven of my novels, which include the Danforth Saga (EVIL DEEDS, TERROR CELL, THE NOSTRADAMUS SECRET, and THE LONE WOLF AGENDA), THE PYTHAGOREAN SOLUTION, SHELL GAME, and my latest stand-alone thriller, ULTIMATE BETRAYAL.

4)    How does my writing process wUltimate Betrayal coverork?

As with all of my books, I perform extensive research on the elements I plan to include in DEATH SHIP. This research includes digging down into technical matters relative to weaponry, communications, the NSA, the CIA, etc. I’ve also updated my knowledge about the Aegean and Ionian areas, and will continue to do so during an upcoming tour of the area. Finally, because I am a landlubber, I researched the nomenclature and equipment associated with ships and sailing.

When I begin a manuscript, I have no idea where the story will take me. I start with a premise and then let the characters and the plot evolve through the writing of the tale. I typically write 4-6 hours a day, including research time. I rarely perform any editing until after the first draft is complete, and then I edit, re-edit, re-edit, re-edit, and so on. I take great care that my books are exceptionally well edited because I do not want a reader to ever stop the flow of reading one of my books to wonder about a grammatical error, etc.

I’ve invited two authors/friends to participate in this blog hop tour. They will post on August 11, 2014. I think you will enjoy getting to know these two authors who bring a great deal of talent, real life experience, and intelligence to their writing.

TOM AVITABILE, a Senior VP/Creative Director at a New York advertising firm, is a writer, director, and producer with numerous film and television credits. He has an extensive background in engineering and computers, including work on projects for the House Committee on Science and Technology, which helped lay the foundation for The Eighth Day, his first novel. In his spare time, Tom is a professional musician and an amateur woodworker. He recently completed his fourth novel “The Devil’s Quota.”

Tom_Avitabile_MS (1)











John D. Trudel

After a long career in High Tech, John D. Trudel now writes Thriller novels. “I met interesting people and saw fascinating things, but couldn’t talk about it due to confidentiality agreements and security. Novels are more fun.”

All John’s books have won National Awards. His third, Soft Target, has 4.7/5 stars on Amazon. The one before that, Privacy Wars, won three awards and predicted the NSA scandal. Raven’s Run will be out in September.


Author’s Site:

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  1. July 30, 2014 2:29 pm

    Joe: I loved reading the answers to the questions. How wonderful you get to take another trip to Greece and surrounding areas this year! I’m looking forward to your mystery, and hope it is available very soon!

  2. July 31, 2014 10:23 am

    Great start for the blog.Have a productive trip to Greece.

  3. Bob Giampino permalink
    March 5, 2015 3:28 pm

    just finisheh Ultimate Betrayal. could not put it down finished it in two days Great up there with the best novels i have ever read Joseph has a great talent

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