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September 30, 2014

How many times have you heard someone say, “You dirty dog” or “You’re worse than an animal?” Phrases like these demean animals and imply that humans who behave badly are animal-like, less human. Further, they imply that individuals who are less human and more animal-like lack nobility and are incapable of human traits such as courage, bravery, generosity, love, or kindness. My EVERYDAY HEROES blog this month puts the lie to such implications.

I’ve written about animals before in this blog as well as in my novels. I have shown how dogs and on one occasion a bear displayed incredible behavior that would have been admired in a man or woman. My EVERYDAY HERO this month is a stray dog that acts in a manner that is not only heroic but also incredibly noble. I don’t even know this dog’s name or where it might be today. But what I do know is that its act of bravery and love is an example for all of us “superior” humans.

I suspect very few of us would have believed an animal capable of doing what this dog did. In an incredibly dangerous environment, one which would have caused any clear-thinking man or woman to hesitate to act, this dog goes to the aid of an injured dog. As with human EVERYDAY HEROES, I don’t know exactly what it is that motivates heroic behavior. But I do recognize heroism when I see it. What this animal did was heroic, and what it did must have been motivated by something other than instinct. This was more than an act of heroism; it was an act of love.

So the next time you hear someone speak derogatorily about an animal, or you see someone treat an animal cruelly, be an EVERYDAY HERO and stand up for what’s right. You might even share this story.

Joseph Badal is the author of seven suspense novels, including The Pythagorean Solution, Evil Deeds, Terror Cell, The Nostradamus Secret, The Lone Wolf Agenda, Shell Game, and Ultimate Betrayal. His next novel, Borderline, will be released in early 2015. He also writes short stories which have been published in anthologies, including Uncommon Assassins and Someone Wicked.

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  1. October 20, 2014 11:41 pm

    Such a heroic and selfless rescue of one animal by another, not of a mother acting to save her young, but of one stray dog to save another, apparently a companion, and obviously a strong bond of some sort. It grabs you, and seems that there really is much more to these lovable creatures than we think we know. hs 10/20

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